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Research & analysis are the foundations of everything else
DASSAULT SYSTEMS Systems Integrator Alliance

We are dedicated to turning your vision into value for your company and your customers. Our capabilities span the full product lifecycle from ideas to portfolio management, product development, sourcing, production, sales, marketing, service, after-sales and finally recycling, repurposing or disposal.
At VSCPS, we pave the way for your innovation, creativity and profitability. We combine industry-leading Product Lifecycle Management tools with specialist knowledge, so you can enjoy the journey from product concept to implementation.
Our experience makes it possible to keep things simple, personal and accessible so that together we transform your vision to value.

Discover the market

Every thought, innovation or design is based on discovering.

Analysis of data

Innovation, analysis, optimisation and continuous improvement.

We Love Metrics
Our approach is no-nonsense, hands-on and results oriented. We (1) prove value with rapid prototyping, (2) design sharp algorithms, (3) craft software doing the job, (4) deliver platforms designed to scale and (5) coach organizations to digitally transform and realize value. Thanks to the combination of talented colleagues, strong industry ties & down-to-earth approach.
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All in a day’s work

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Manufacturing a better world

Manufacturers harness virtual technology to power their progress on sustainability

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